Hi Folks! Rajendra NCLT Law Firm is one of the Top NCLT Attorneys offices in India for corporate matters. Best Senior Lawyers in this Law Firm handle any case regarding Company Litigation and Insolvency and bankruptcy cases

Company Litigation and Insolvency & Bankruptcy 

Any case regarding Company Litigation and Insolvency & bankruptcy cases are being handled by the Best Senior Lawyers in this Law Firm.

NCLT Advocate Saravvanan R

  “ Advocate Saravvanan R advises start-ups in structuring, ROC Matters, Director Disqualification Issues, funding & compliance needs, choosing appropriate legal structures, their registration and licensing, conducting legal audits before funding/acquisition, drafting & reviewing contracts/agreements, partnerships, insolvency, limited liability, winding up, advisory on employment laws, IP & data protection, dispute resolution & taxation.

Rajendra NCLT Law Firm [NCLT Lawyers in Chennai]


Rajendra NCLT Law Firm Attorneys Lawyers Recognized by the Bar Council of India - [Bar Council of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry]

Law Firm's History

Rajendra NCLT Law Firm is a leading law consultant in India. In fact, this has developed a high specialization in the field of corporate law. Moreover, Our legal counsel is a team of qualified and experienced lawyers. Mainly, offer effective services to our clients. By all means, this is available combining extensive knowledge about the legal issues of companies with experience in the key sub-disciplines.

Most of all, With the ability to identify potential problems and develop real-time, practical solutions to the various problems of clients, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Top NCLT Lawyers in Chennai offer dedicated support to our clients in critical solutions by utilizing the skills and experience within the group.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law

Filing and pleading of the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Case in NCLT is our regular practice. Contact and Consult Top Corporate Lawyers.


Arbitration Attorneys help the Clients in Amicable Negotiations, or Mediation, with the Opposing Party. Providing the Premium Quality International Arbitration Legal Representation, Globally

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions Legal Services include many aspects such as – Target and Selling, Acquiring Companies, Boards and Special Committees, Financial Advisors, etc

Business Tax / Taxation

Taxation Attorneys will defend you if a tax authority accuses you of under-reporting your taxes, and if you are in violation of any tax law.

Employment and Labour Laws

Salary dues and delay full and final settlement of employees apart from delaying or denying promotions arbitrarily.  Premium Legal service and employment lawyer or a labor lawyer in India

Contracts & Legal Documentation / Agreements

Qualified and trained Solicitors, lawyers and to draft, review and manage huge volumes of contracts professionally

Intellectual Property Laws (IPR)

IP Attorneys in this Law Firm help to register Patents, Trademark and Copyrights. They protect your Intellectual property from misuse and abuse

Website Agreements and Policy

Cyber Crime Lawyers in Rajendra NCLT Law Firm offer the Best Legal Support in Website Agreement and Policy Drafting and defending services

Business / Company Registration & Winding Up

Corporate Attorney here will help you in Business/company registration services and winding up

Why Choose Rajendra NCLT Law Firm Lawyers?

Firstly, As a Corporate Attorney firm, Senior Lawyers work round the clock to serve high-profile business clients. In fact, Top Lawyers help them to win at the national and international levels.

Reasonable Fees

Retainer Legal Fee will be more comfortable for companies. All in All Legal Support services under one roof will be always great. Contact Top Lawyers for Civil, Service Matters, Criminal and Corporate Legal Services at nominal charges.

Debt Recovery

Most of the time, the recovery of money suit and cheque bounce cases move sequentially. The Attorney who has knowledge in Magistrate Court, Munsiff court and Company law Tribunal will be helpful to resolve such issues. Of course, these All rounder advocates will be helpful

Thousands of Happy Clients

The Corporate Clients, Govt Servants and High Profile Clients love to deal with this Law firm since these attorneys will resolve the Litigation in stipulated time and the reviews are great.

95% Success Rate

The Senior Attorneys in this Law firm will get the full information of the case and do a Legal research through various sources. The Main goal is make the clients happy by winning the case. That is why the Success rate is more than 95%

What Our Clients Say

Mr Ponibass Arulsamy CA

Mr.Ponibass Arulsamy: I highly recommend Rajendra NCLT Law Firm, if you are in need of a Corporate lawyer. R has been so incredible during an otherwise painful process, and his professionalism and knowledge of the law made it easy for our company to choose his Law office to represent us.

Mr Palaniappan Ramiah
Mr Palaniappan Ramiah:“When I first met Advocate Saravvanan R, they were both extremely professional, attentive and understanding. After our discussion, the Attorney moved forward with the case. I remember the day of the deposition, it was a long and painful day for me. The Advocate was next to me the entire time supporting me. He was very warm and caring. It was a pleasure working with him..”
Chennai Fashion Institute
Mrs Seetha: “Phenomenal from start to finish. Advocate Saravanan R! Relentless, Determined, Professional, just a few of the words to describe this Attorney. I first met with this Advocate Saravvanan R in 2016, I had little expectations, just some hope and a gut feeling. I immediately knew I was in the right hands. He is brilliant, fierce and a force to be reckoned with..”